Thursday, May 25, 2017

Eating More Frequent Smaller Meals Throughout The Day

Why is eating more meals of small portions better than not eating at all or eating 3 big meals throughout the day? Well when eating 6 small meals everyday it helps to keep yourself at a healthy metabolism that you may not get when you eat 3 big spaced out meals throughout the day. Eating nothing at all, though it might sound like it would help you lose weight it is not at all good for you. It keeps you at a slow unhealthy metabolism, that will actually decrease your weight lose instead of helping you to lose weight. When you don’t eat anything, it is actually doing more harm to your body than good.

Now, you may think that 6 meals everyday is a lot of food that you would be consuming. But in reality it is about the same amount when you take into consideration the smaller portions as if you had been eating 3 big meals everyday. The 6 small meals are not full meals. They are just enough to sustain yourself and to keep your body healthy and at a regular metabolism. Usually when you do this, you eat every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day. You want to always try to get in some type of vegetable or fruit with your meals. In the long run, this is the healthiest way for your body to keep healthy metabolism and to lose weight.

So, here are the tips about how much and when to eat each of you meals. Don’t wait hours after you wake up in the mornings to eat your breakfast. Within one hour of when you wake up eat your breakfast. Continue to eat every three hours, but make sure and not eat three hours before you go to bed. If you eat that close to bed, you will decrease your appetite for when you wake up in the morning. And in turn when you don’t eat that close to when you are going to sleep, you actually without knowing it increase your energy levels thus making you more productive throughout your day. This also, is a much better way to burn off fat and it actually increases your chances of gaining more muscle and losing less.

When you are thinking of each meal though, you should not make each meal big and more than a few hundred calories. Eating smaller more frequent meals, does not mean eating in between those meals though. Don’t continue to graze after you have gotten in your allotted meals for the day. Especially if it is close to when your are going to bed.

I recommend trying this for a short time, and seeing if this type of a lifestyle change is for you. It does take some planning to do, since you are going to have to take the meals out with you throughout the day.

I hope that this gives you my reader more information on why it is better to eat more frequent smaller meals than to eat nothing at all!

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