Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Video Blog: The first steps in clean eating

This video blog is a very helpful video for first time “Clean Eaters”, it has all of the essential information that you need when first starting out. It is very helpful when you are first starting out to know exactly what to purchase when you are going to the grocery store and trying to buy the right foods. A little tip is if you go to the grocery store stay away from the middle isles. If you can shop on the outside of the store you will get the healthiest foods in the store.  

Image result for clean eating 101Like said in the video, before you go to the grocery store make a list of the things that you are going to need. Not just a list of; I need apples, bananas, milk, and chicken. But a list that has categories such as, protein, fruits, veggies, and maybe carbs. Everyone knows that when you get into the grocery store it is very easy to just grab something easy to eat on the way home as a snack, but most of the things that you are going to grab are not going to be something that is good for you. Food for thought, as everyone knows and as the video says “ never go to the grocery store hungry.” Also, never go to the grocery store without a list, that causes you to just do the “grab and go” and you normally end up with things that you don’t need and that are not with you diet. Lists are the best thing for you when you are going into a grocery store and shopping for healthy foods for the first time.

For beginner “clean eaters” they may think that it cost to much to eat healthy and to get the foods that they need, but it is not always that expensive. If you make yourself a list and as you are going through the store you can make sure that you only get what is on the list. If you can stick to your list you can manage a budget and it won’t be as expensive.

Watching this video I learned things that I did not know before watching. I never thought of on my list putting something like I am buying bananas to use in my smoothies. But that is a good idea because then you know what you bought it to use for and it won’t go to waste. Also, I learned that you should not drink your calories. I mean, I knew that drinking soda and juice was bad but I never knew that if you were getting your calories from something you can drink, that it was not as good as from a food, I just thought that calories were calories and that they were the same no matter where they came from.  

I hope you enjoy this video and the information that you can get from watching it!


  1. I learned a lot from this blog post. I didn't know the drinking calories was worse for you either. I enjoyed reading about this and I hope to read more on gaining a clean and healthy lifestyle.

  2. You should right a blog topic on the difference between eating healthy small portions and not eating at all, and the way it affects your body!