Friday, March 24, 2017

Eating The Right Way

Clean eating is a very controversial subject with many people. In the article that I read they are trying to say that you might as well become a vegan with the minimal items that you are allowed to eat. That is not at all true. When you begin a clean eating diet, they have you start out by doing a cleanse and flushing your body of all the toxins that may be built up in your body making it hard for you to lose weight and to become more healthy. But once you are done with the one or two day clease you can basically eat any fruits you want in moderation and any vegetables that you want. You also are aloud to eat white meats and fish. And if I am right vegans aren’t allowed to eat any of those things. White meats consist of chicken, and turkey. And if you feel the need to eat red meat, make sure that it is extra lean.

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One thing about this article that they say that I believe is true is that sometimes by entering into a clean eating lifestyle and habit, you can sometimes eliminate the possibility of having to take medications for illnesses. Say, you have high blood pressure as mentioned, you could just start eating a little bit more healthy and over time your body could get use to the way that you have been eating and your blood pressure could start to gradually decrease over that time.

So, in my opinion clean eating is something that is good for your body. I don’t see where it is harmful to your body, or even where it is like being a vegan. You basically have free range to eat whatever you want as long as you do it in moderation and don’t go over the top with unhealthy items.


  1. This is very interesting. I totally agree that clean eating is good for the body. I also agree that a cleanse every once in awhile is also great. I have been wanting to do a cleanse for awhile now it's just hard to cut yourself off. I agree that clean eating and being vegan are very different things also. I think the hardest part about both of those things is getting over your cravings. My cravings have got in the way of every diet, cleanse, or lifestyle change I have tried to make. I'm excited to see what else you post about. It would be super cool and helpful if you could even write something on controlling food cravings!

  2. I have read other health blogs in the past and applaud that you are one of the few that acknowledged cleansing. I by all means disagree with diets that are temporary and promise fast results if you do said "regiment." However, cleansing is a completely different act that is overlooked and may even have a bad sound. Cleanses are meant to freshen up your body, the same idea as maintaining your face routine and knowing that you can out a detox mask on a gunked up face. They are meant for rejuvenation which is why I encourage them. I also appreciate your mention in veganism and discarded the false claims without bashing the people who indulge in the lifestyles themselves.Your writing is laid back and informative but also lacks a level of sternness, for example instead of saying "I believe" say you know and tell us why girly. Keep on blogging!